Work In Progress
Digital Interface | 6 Weeks
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Work In Progress
Digital Interface | 6 Weeks
UI Designer
UX Designer
Brand Identity
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Lindsay Franznick
Sid Hosakoppal
Ellis Failor-Rich
Yvonne Tran
Charmaine Yabut
Work In Progress is a digital service for creatives seeking valuable feedback on their projects, allowing users to share their work & receive constructive criticism beyond the classroom setting.

Taking Crit Out Of The Classroom

Work In Progress brings valuable feedback to creatives of all backgrounds, beyond the traditional classroom or studio setting. With this service, young and old creatives alike can easily share their work and receive constructive criticism from a diverse and supportive community.

Establishing Identity

With its simple & creatively inviting identity, Work In Progress offers a minimal yet approachable look.