Brand Identity | 6 Weeks
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Brand Identity | 6 Weeks
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Playing off of the Japanese term "女子会" (joshikai; girls' get together), Joshi-Con is a video game convention celebrating women in video games, game development, and the supportive communities that surround them.

Featuring Fan Favorites

Marketing materials such as posters and lanyards showcase a diverse selection of beloved characters who represent female strength and resilience, while futuristic, cyberpunk-inspired graphics continue the convention's promise of a tenacious future for women in gaming.

Merchandise Adaptations

In addition to promotional touchpoints, Joshi-Con's exhilarating identity can be expanded into wearable and shareable items such as T-Shirts and desk mats for attendees to commemorate their experience in style.

Continuity on Digital Spaces

Lastly, head to the convention's HUD-inspired website to explore event information, purchase tickets, and more!