Brutalism For Baby
Publication | 3 Weeks
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Brutalism For Baby
Publication | 3 Weeks
Creative Co-Director
Content Co-Manager
Photo Editor
Sophia Johnson
In light of the aesthetic parenting pandemic, this satirical catalogue offers a humorous alternative to beige baby toys. With heavy Cold War overtones and the visual metaphor of an IKEA catalogue, brutalist baby products & eerie advertisements take center stage in this publication.

Concrete Babies Are Strong Babies

In a market comprised of intoxicating colors and poisonous plastics, Boris&Boris—a fictional design co-op—offers concrete, no-nonsense products for children of a stronger tomorrow. With the sturdiness of simplicity, your child will grow up with a stern mind and an appreciation for design.

Marketing For The People

In addition to its vast array of baby products, Brutalism For Baby features several intermittent advertisements marketed toward both children and parents. Enjoy a brief series of products aimed at satirizing communist propaganda and themes.

Starving For More?

Brutalism For Baby is a publication by Boris&Boris, a satirical design co-op that manufactures products for the fictitious yet fearsome East Order. Submerge yourself in a the visual culture of oppressive nationalism and isolating propaganda on Instagram: @BorisCollective!