Behold, Ballard!
Place Branding & UI/UX | 6 Weeks
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Behold, Ballard!
Place Branding & UI/UX | 6 Weeks
Creative Director
UI Designer
Brand Manager
Photo Editor
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Isabella Ceriale
Jackson Jiang
Explore the Ballard, Seattle's hidden depths and antique charm in this place branding and navigational campaign. Whether on directory kiosks or social media, this rebrand showcases the beloved neighborhood in an enigmatic and antique spotlight that is sure to capture the adventurous spirit of tourists and locals alike!

Navigating With Adventure

Navigational kiosks feature a visually captivating map adorned with antique revival icons, inviting locals and visitors to embark on an enchanting journey through Ballard, Seattle, uncovering its eccentric charm and inspiring curiosity at every turn. The neighborhood's vast culture, food, events, and retail opportunities await!

Expanding Maritime Eccentricity

The navigational iconography finds itself continued on the neighborhood's proposed social media account, where quirky visuals and promotional characters keep followers informed and excited about local activity.

Spokes Characters

Mascots or "spokes characters" can provide intrigue and entertaining recognition for a location. These three original characters not only feature local wildlife, but they also represent local history and industry.


Behold, Ballard!'s quirky and eccentric identity can be extended onto apparel for folks to share pride and love for one of Seattle's most unique neighborhoods.